Algorand and Hypernet Labs Work Together to Facilitate Node Hosting in Galileo

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Featured, Galileo, General

Hypernet Labs—co-founded by Stanford alums Todd Chapman and Ivan Ravlich, focused on building cutting-edge technologies for Web 3.0—is excited to announce its acceptance of a developer grant from the Algorand Foundation to enhance the node hosting user experience for Algorand Relay Nodes. This will enable Nodes to be deployed by the Algorand community with the click of a button, requiring zero technical expertise.

Algorand Node Hosting Galileo

Learn more about node hosting in Galileo.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to have created a technology that powers a computing marketplace that is this diverse. Having the Algorand Relay Node in the same marketplace next to applications for scientists who are working on drug discovery for COVID-19 illustrates its broad implications. It also demonstrates the way that both technical and non-technical users can leverage complex infrastructure, such as blockchain and A.I. pipelines, all in the same platform, with the same seamless user experience. “ – Ivan Ravlich, CEO of Hypernet Labs

This joint effort helps to further Hypernet Labs’ mission to realize ethical ubiquitous computing, and to make computing power an invisible utility that is easily accessible to all.

The Galileo computing marketplace which is built by Hypernet Labs, provides a unique opportunity for non-technical community members to run non-custodial full Algorand Relay Nodes. (Learn more here, and check out the tutorial.)

Galileo’s intuitive graphical interface will enable one-click deployment of Algorand Relay Nodes to any connected computing resource, anywhere, without the need for specialized knowledge or complicated set-up. Computing resources can include a user’s own easy-to-connect hardware or cloud resources purchased in a few quick steps through Galileo’s expanding marketplace of private and public cloud vendors.

Members of Algorand’s robust community will be able to expose API endpoints to the Galileo-deployed nodes in order to power their applications. Node sessions are isolated to a single VM—connected via HTTPS provided through Cloudflare’s edge network—for secure access and node control.  Developers will also be able to use the Galileo cloud IDE to build alongside the Relay Node within the same application.

The Algorand Relay Nodes will soon be integrated into the forthcoming Hypernet Protocol so node hosters can monetize their API access points as a metered service and accept payments.

“We are excited to partner with Hypernet Labs in bringing their Galileo computing marketplace to the Algorand ecosystem. Galileo’s easy to use UI will enable 1 click deployment of Algorand Relay Nodes and this will transform the opportunities for Algorand ecosystem participants to quickly and easily run relay nodes” – Sean Lee, CEO Algorand Foundation

Algorand and Hypernet Labs are excited to work together to support the health and further decentralization of the Algorand network in order to build a public and permission-less infrastructure for the borderless economy.

To further support decentralization and broader access to blockchain technology for non-technical publics, Hypernet Labs will distribute the Algorand Relay Node in its software marketplace where it will be available to all Galileo users wishing to strengthen the Algorand network.

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