Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Galileo actually work?

Galileo leverages powerful containerization technology so that your project can run on any OS, on any friendly machine. It runs your project as a containerized process on a remote machine and sends you back the results.

What about security and privacy?

Data transfer in Galileo is encrypted using https. The machine that will run your computation (the “landing zone”), necessarily has access to the information you send. If the landing zone is a machine that you control, Galileo acts as an abstract interface to your closed network that remains inaccessible to others. If you need external compute resources, we can meet your security needs, up to and including HIPAA compliant machines. Galileo can run on all of the leading Cloud providers and you can find their respective privacy policies on their websites: AWS, GCP, Azure.

What are containers / What is Docker? Why does Galileo use containers?

A container is fundamentally a standardized unit of software. It makes your work portable by packaging code and dependencies together. Galileo specifically uses Docker containers so that your project can run agnostically in any computing environment. Containerization assures reliability and uniformity by isolating a compute job from the underlying OS environment, which means that your work is always run in a secure silo. Containers are also lightweight and allow for nearly native run speeds. Containerization is now the industry standard deployment format for resolving application portability challenges and improving developer productivity. 

How do I get started?

Head over to our Getting Started page, download our example test jobs, and learn how to get projects up and running.

From there, you can find tutorials, tips for troubleshooting, and our contact information if you need additional help.

How much does Galileo cost?

Galileo is free to use with our public cloud stations—you can sign up here to get started.

You can also contact us for proof of concept and subscription pricing or custom solutions.

Can you support other modeling software that is not yet listed on your site?

Yes, absolutely. Just let us know what you need, and we can very likely “containerize” it so it can run quickly and easily on Galileo.