Focus on your work, not your computing infrastructure.

Galileo simplifies the deployment and monitoring of simulations and other analyses to nearly any computational resource with an internet connection. It provides an intuitive, unified web portal to HPC, cloud, and traditional on-premises resources for parallel processing, batch processing, and collaboration.


Galileo is SciOps

Galileo is the first low-code web platform dedicated to Scientific Operations (SciOps) for users of any skill-level. SciOps is an approach to scientific computing that amplifies the impact of domain expertise. It enhances traditional scientific computing practices by drawing on the extensive innovations in modern scalable web architectures that have emerged over the last decade.

Galileo Supports Lovelace Hacks

Lovelace Hacks was created to celebrate the women who helped build the tech industry. All hackathon participants are invited to use Galileo and cloud computing resources for free during the hackathon!

Deploy with Galileo

It’s easy to add support for new software in Galileo.
Contact us directly to add your tools or visit the Forum to start a discussion.

Case Studies

Launch it and Forget it

Free up your own machine. Drag and drop your scientific computing work from your laptop at a cafe or the beach. Receive notifications when your jobs are complete. Download results when you need them, where you need them.

Do More Work in Less Time

Run multiple jobs in parallel and get results faster. Keep project templates, jobs, results, and version history organized in Galileo for maximum efficiency. Accelerate your work with powerful machines.

On-Demand, Scalable Computing

Ubiquitous cloud isn’t just for storage any more. It’s now easily accessible for scientific applications. No set up. No learning.

Keep Track of Projects, Versions, and Data, All in One Place

Galileo organizes your experiments, allowing you to manage your version history and maintain reproducibility. Upload your data once and run multiple analyses without re-uploading.

Access All of Your Machines through One Interface

Use Galileo as a portal to your own computers, office or lab machines, High Performance Computing, and cloud. All are available to you, in one single interface, to drag and drop jobs, big or small, when you need them. Learn how.

Galileo for Resource Management

Galileo takes the hard work out of administering resources for scientific applications.

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IT can set fine-grained permissioned access rules and usage quotas for computational resources and team leads can quickly share and track project input and result files.

No more software installation or dependency management for the end user
Many simulators and scripting languages are supported out of the box. Jobs are executed in containerized environments to ensure reproducibility across heterogeneous platforms.

Ensure data integrity
Data is stored in the Galileo web service in a role-permissioned fashion.

No cloud-lock
Freedom to switch from one resource provider to another (even your own resources) without reconfiguring environments and libraries to run your experiments.

No more training
Run the Galileo Landing Zone daemon on a VM, desktop, or headnode, and deploy jobs on them all with no changes to your analysis.

Use resources you already have (and your institution’s budget) more efficiently
Galileo offers built-in queueing and configurable resource budgets.

Use Galileo to connect to another Galileo-enabled machine or any cloud resource.

Easily set up and deploy your code.

Track your job’s status and get notified when your results arrive.

Use Galileo to connect to another Galileo-enabled machine or any cloud resource.

Easily set up and deploy your code.

Track your job’s status and get notified when your results arrive.


“For us at Ad Astra, enhancing computing power is crucial. Galileo brings us the capability to easily connect up and utilize the machines we already have.”

Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz
CEO, Ad Astra Rocket Company and former NASA Astronaut


"Using Galileo gave me a huge productivity boost. What an incredibly simple and convenient system for running simulations and optimizations of Antora’s device design—and many at a time!"

Teresa Dayrit
Python Engineer, Antora


"Being able to run large HEC-RAS models in Galileo gives us the ability to not only free up resources on our own computers, but cuts run times significantly."

Chris Goodell
Principal Consultant for Hydraulics and Hydrology at Kleinschmidt Associates
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Ready to streamline your computing pipeline?

Ready to streamline your computing pipeline?