Galileo Supports Lovelace Hacks

Lovelace Hacks was created to celebrate the women who helped build the tech industry, and to provide female- and gender minority-identified hackers with an additional opportunity to explore tech, regardless of background. Hypernet Labs seeks to democratize access to computing resources and knowledge, and our team is honored and excited to help sponsor the event. As hosts, SacHacks and UC Davis WiCS are actively working to push this mission forward in concrete ways.

All hackathon participants are invited to use Galileo and cloud computing resources for free during the hackathon! Hypernet Labs will award the prize for the Best Data Science Hack competition.

Create Accounts

All team members should create accounts at

One team member should create the team “Mission” or project and invite the other team members.

Click here to create a Python project or here if you’re using R.

For information about other project types, visit our tutorials.

Clone Mission

After following the link for Python or R, the team’s “mission owner” will clone the mission using the button at the top right.

Make it a “private mission” for the team.

When prompted, choose the default “Cargo Bay” option.

Run Mission

Hit the “run” button at the top right of the screen.

Go to “Mission Home” to check status and then get the link and password to your Jupyter Notebook.

Create Crew

The mission owner can invite team members using the email addresses attached to their Galileo accounts.

Go to “User Management” and hit the plus button on the right to search their emails and add them as mission admins. Be sure to designate each team member as “admin.”

Open Notebook!

Go to “Mission Home” and look at the “Jobs” panel to copy the password (key symbol) and follow the link to your Jupyter Notebook.

You can upload your data directly into the notebook and collaborate with invited team members.

Get Support

Send support messages to Hypernet Labs team members on call throughout the hackathon using the Galileo Forum and the hashtag #LovelaceHacks.

Post to the forum directly from your mission by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right.

Click the plus in the top right corner to create your message. You will first be prompted to create a forum account.

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Instructional Video

See a more detailed walkthrough and get specific instructions in this introductory video.

Learn how to create your Python or R project and use Galileo to collaborate with your teammates in one Jupyter Notebook.
  • Add dependencies
  • Invite team members
  • Upload your data
  • Get support

Galileo Tutorials

Unlock the power of Galileo.

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Sponsored Category: Best Data Science Hack

Use Galileo to create your best data science project! This can be anything data science related: data mining, data visualization, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more!

Each member of the winning team receives:

  • $250 in cloud computing credits and free use of the Galileo application
  • Resume review by Hypernet Labs engineers
  • Profile of their work in the Galileo Magazine and a press release for media coverage

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