Open Force Field Initiative and Hypernet Labs to Deliver Infrastructure On-Ramp for Pharma

Hypernet Labs Co-Founder and CTO Todd Chapman recently had the pleasure of presenting Galileo at the International Conference on Water Management Modeling, which took place virtually on Feb. 24 and 25, 2021. The conference, which showcased 32 presentations and over 80 presenters, provided an excellent venue for the release of the Galileo

By Jennifer Hudson, October 27 2020


Hypernet Labs and KU Leuven Researchers Aim to Streamline Pharmaceutical Research with Programmable Biology Pipeline

While studying antivirals to fight COVID-19, scientists at the Rega Institute for Medical Research have also begun work with Hypernet Labs to solve problems of consistency and reproducibility that plague pharmaceutical science and synthetic biology as a whole. They aim to create a common platform for sta

By Jennifer Hudson, July 17 2020


UC Berkeley Statisticians use Galileo to estimate COVID-19 fatality rates more accurately, improve data collection

COVID-19 infections are on the rise again in the US. It’s now as important as ever for policymakers to improve their knowledge of the spread of the disease, its severity, and the ways in which we can optimize resource allocation. UC Berkeley computer science PhD candidate and Galileo user Anastasios Angelop

By Jennifer Hudson, July 6 2020


Galileo Facilitates Biochemical Process Engineering from Home During Pandemic

The global pandemic may have changed in-person office work forever, but working from home is only feasible with the right tools. For Diego Radillo, master’s student in biochemical process engineering at the University of Colima in Mexico, the lockdown posed a serious threat to the completion of his thesis research. Galileo appeared on his radar at just the right time.

By Jennifer Hudson, September 14 2020


Monash University Researchers Shift Focus to COVID Antivirals and Get Results with Galileo

Since early spring, Dr. Tom Karagiannis and his students and collaborators at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, have been studying the SARS-CoV-2 main protease using Galileo and computing resources donated by Hypernet Labs. They aim to find antiviral treatments to fight COVID-19, which are the next best option in the absence of a working vaccine.

By Jennifer Hudson, July 17 2020


COVID-19: Brazilian Researchers Use Galileo for Drug Repurposing Project

While we continue to make predictions about the spread of the virus, argue about the merits of different types of social response, work to improve resource allocation, and ultimately wait for the distribution of a safe and effective vaccine, many chemists and physicists are also working to develop antiviral drug treatments. Until a vaccine is found, treatment is necessary, but there are hurdles here, as well. Drug discovery is a very laborious and long experimental

By Jennifer Hudson, November 1 2019

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