Scaling PCSWMM Models With Galileo and Containerization

Hypernet Labs Co-Founder and CTO Todd Chapman recently had the pleasure of presenting Galileo at the International Conference on Water Management Modeling, which took place virtually on Feb. 24 and 25, 2021. The conference, which showcased 32 presentations and over 80 presenters, provided an excellent venue for the release of the Galileo PCSWMM deployment pipeline.

By Jennifer Hudson, April 2 2021


From Simulations to a Decarbonized Power Grid: Antora Energy and Galileo

Science and technology startups commonly face a chicken-and-egg problem that is not often discussed. Because brand new technology can be capital- and equipment-intensive to develop, it can be difficult or impossible to create and test a real-world proof of concept without first raising large sums of money. But how can start-up founders raise the capital they need without first demonstrating that their ideas ar

By Jennifer Hudson, March 10 2020


Cleaning up Lake Erie with Compute: Econometric Modeling + Galileo = Smart Policy

From massive wildfires to melting icebergs, news of the harmful impact of climate change is all around us. Many of the researchers who use Galileo—in the fields of alternative energy or flood modeling, for example—are crafting engineering solutions to these complex problems through careful modelling and computationally intensive simulations.
But social scientists will be quick to explain that

By Jennifer Hudson, April 2 2020


Can Computing Power and Plasma Physics Make Us a Multi-Planet Species in our Lifetimes?

If you spend any amount of time in the blockchain space, you’re bound to hear the phrase, “when moon?!” At Hypernet Labs we’re working alongside companies developing technology that could drastically improve transportation in space, making going to the moon–and beyond–sustainable.
Check out our video spotlight on the work of Ad Astra Rocket Company.

By Jennifer Hudson, January 14 2020

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