How to Run an Algorithm Faster on a Raspberry Pi than on a Brand New 8-core i9

Watch Hypernet Labs CTO Todd Chapman and data scientist Matthew Gasperetti run the same R script on a brand new 8-core i9 with 32 gb of ram and then on a Galileo-enhanced Raspberry Pi. Here are the runtime results (spoiler alert): 1 minute 16 seconds on the i9 30 seconds on the Raspberry Pi
How? And why? In a world of supercomputers and

By Jennifer Hudson, February 26 2021


The Easiest Way to Speed Up Your Julia Runtimes

The increasingly popular programming language Julia was built with big data projects in mind. These projects imply either very long runtimes or access to compute power that will allow you to cut that down. Luckily, Julia has certain built-in advantages for distributed computing as well as remote deployment, and there is now a native app—Galileo—that will allow you to quickly and easily drag and drop your Julia code to run elsewhere. This is the fastest, easiest, an

By Jennifer Hudson, May 14 2019


Launch Your First HEC-RAS / Simulation Project on Galileo Software

Check out Product Manager John Drexler explaining how easy it is to launch your first HEC-RAS project–or other simulation or data analysis work–using Galileo software. As John says, the app allows you to take any project folder on your computer and run it remotely. Galileo works with HEC-RAS projects as well as python, R, Octave/Matlab, Julia, and more. A few more important points to watch for in the video

By Jennifer Hudson, January 2 2020


How to Easily Deploy Julia to the Cloud or a Remote Machine

Julia creators aimed to combine speed with ease of use, with the goal of making it easier to innovate and solve machine learning problems that are more difficult with other languages. Yet, speed—especially for the complicated big data projects that Julia was meant to tackle—will always be dependent on the compute power of available machines. Below is a tutorial showing how you can dramatically reduce runtimes by remotely deploying your Julia

By Jennifer Hudson, May 14 20209

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