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As computational work becomes increasingly significant for pharmaceutical science, progress in the field is limited by lack of access to the resources required for computationally intensive workflows. Galileo provides productivity tools and on-demand compute for firms, labs, and researchers in a simple and secure way.

Galileo enables domain experts to effectively leverage computing power, share resources, and streamline compute-intensive workflows to maximize productivity.


R&D Knowledge Workers in Drug Discovery and Development

Zero-learning curve, on-demand, secure access to computing power

Protein-drug interaction modeling , on a computer instead of in a lab to drastically reduce expenditure
PQuantum chemistry, force field modeling
On-demand modeling of molecules of interest, results within hours
On-demand modeling of molecules of interest, results within hours

A Universal Portal to Compute and a Hub for Modeling and Simulation

Welcome to potentially infinite scaling. Leverage cloud, lab clusters, and secure private networks for on-premise machines.

Decreased run times and faster turnaround for model results
Extra computing power, on-demand. No unnecessary hardware investments.
Easy install to leverage existing infrastructure with minimal setup
Easy deployment of overflow calculations for molecules of interest, with results returned to your project server
Access to machines, projects , data, results, storage, and version history in one central location

Science, accelerated

Cyberinfrastructure becomes an invisible utility.

Increased productivity through the efficient insertion of computational models in the drug discovery and design workflow
Accelerated molecular dynamics modeling through fast deployment of workloads to internet-connected machines
Embarrassingly parallel computations, capable of accomplishing thousands of core hours of work in minutes
Quick and easy support for custom or in-house software that can be shared as a framework in the Galileo software marketplace
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