Galileo for
Resource Management

Galileo takes the hard work out of administering resources for scientific applications.

IT can set fine-grained permissioned access rules and usage quotas for computational resources and team leads can quickly share and track project input and result files.

No more software installation or dependency
management for the end user

Many simulators and scripting languages are supported out of the box. Jobs
are executed in containerized environments to ensure reproducibility across
heterogeneous platforms.

No cloud-lock

Freedom to switch from one resource provider to another
(even your own resources) without reconfiguring
environments and libraries to run your experiments.

No more training

Run the Galileo Landing Zone daemon on a VM, desktop, or headnode,
and deploy jobs on them all with no changes to your analysis.

Use resources you already have (and your institution’s budget)
more efficiently management for the end user

Galileo offers built-in queueing and configurable resource budgets.

Ensure data integrity

Data is stored in the Galileo web service in a role-permissioned fashion.

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