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Galileo delivers easily accessible computing power to streamline academic research. Built-in organizational productivity tools are tailored to the unique needs of academic labs, across fields and subject areas.

Supported Software

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Compute on Tap
“Galileo is the simplest, the easiest, and so far the option that performs the best.You don’t need to learn anything you don’t know. That’s very, very important, so I’m very happy to have found this.”
Labor Economist and Stata User

Access diverse computing resources
quickly and easily

Remotely deploy code to cloud, HPC, and almost any computer connected
to the Internet.

Free up your local machine or harness it to create a cluster with your
team (see below)

Get started immediately with Galileo’s intuitive user interface

Recieve notifications or email updates when your results are ready, and
monitor jobs from the Galileo mobile app

Speed up your research

Leverage on-demand resources to reduce deadline stress

No more delays from deployment setup and pipeline monitoring

Automate iterative parallel computations, eg. Monte Carlo simulations

Collaborate and stay organized

Easily share computational resources with collaborators or across a team

Never misplace results again with Galileo’s searchable history

Seamlessly integrate your network drives and cloud storage services

Leverage the combined resources of your team of collaborators by connecting your machines to create a group
computing station in 5 easy steps:
Install Landing Zone
Ease of install to leverage your existing infrastructure with only one command.
Create Station
Add your landing zones to a station to group resources.
Invite Students to Your Station
Easily share resources with collaborators or across a team. Team leads can quickly share and track project input and results files.
Control Resources
Set fine-grained permissioned access rules and usage quotas. Avoid setup complications, pipeline monitoring, and delays.
Create Missions and Deploy to Station
Access machines, projects, data, results, and version history in one central location.


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