Galileo for
Water Resources

Galileo removes computational barriers by enabling users to effectively leverage computing power, share resources, and streamline compute-intensive workflows.

Supported Software

Teams and Groups Across Your Entire Company

Galileo delivers easily accessible computing power so engineers can streamline and easily organize their work. Galileo serves a variety of users in different fields at companies and research institutions across the world.

Examples of their work in hydrology and hydraulics include:
Flood hazard delineation projects, modeling 100-year flood events
2D dam breach modeling to design and protect critical infrastructure
Urban flood modeling with rainfall infiltration and accurate timing for emergency response planning
Modeling hyperconcentrated sediment flows or mud flows

Fast Results Through Easy Access to Computing Power

Galileo uses containerization technology to package code and dependencies together. It enables users to massively speed up runs based on their particular needs at any given time.

Examples of their work in hydrology and hydraulics include:
Engineers can send their work directly to the cloud, to local resources, or to HPC clusters, selecting among these options with one click
Users can move their work to the cloud with no training or development; eliminate the need to invest in maintenance or more hardware to scale up and down with your modeling needs
The user-friendly interface is easy for anyone to use no coding knowledge required
Integrated simulation software includes HEC-RAS, Flo-2D, PCSWMM, and others

Increased productivity and Collaboration

Galileo frees users from deployment setup, pipeline monitoring and delays. Teams can start new projects faster, run them more efficiently and eradicate common frustrations.

Drastically decrease run times and speed up computationally intensive models
All company computing resources can be accessed from a single seamless interface
Increase collaboration as team members can easily share computational resources
Searchable, historical databases ensure smooth project transitions. Common inefficiencies can be eliminated as users will no longer misplace results or waste time searching for data
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