Launch Your First HEC-RAS / Simulation Project on Galileo Software

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Archive, General, Tutorial, Water Resources

Check out Product Manager John Drexler explaining how easy it is to launch your first HEC-RAS project–or other simulation or data analysis work–using Galileo software.  As John says, the app allows you to take any project folder on your computer and run it remotely.  Galileo works with HEC-RAS projects as well as python, R, Octave/Matlab, Julia, and more.  A few more important points to watch for in the video:

  • You can run multiple jobs concurrently, which means no waiting in line.
  • You can script against the Galileo engine to automate the sending of jobs.
  • You can split up jobs to parallelize them and send them out to multiple machines.

Galileo was created by scientists and engineers, for scientists and engineers. Co-founders Ivan Ravlich and Todd Chapman envisioned an easier, faster way of procuring computing resources while working on aerospace simulations during their PhD work at Stanford.  It seemed crazy that specialized domain experts like themselves and their peers in other scientific fields would also need to become computer science experts just to operate the tools of their trade. The Galileo software was born out of this original sense of urgent need.  Their aerospace background also inspired the app’s space theme, with its space stations, landing zones, and launch function![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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