Hypernet Computing Marketplace Now Online with Exaion as First Provider in Galileo

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Featured, Galileo, General

Exaion Cloud is is available for immediate use to high performance computing consumers through the Galileo web application. Learn more on the Galileo website and/or create an account and try it out for yourself.

Hypernet Labs’ work with Exaion is part of its effort to build a marketplace for computing hardware and software, accessible via Galileo. Exaion, a subsidiary of EDF, is Hypernet’s first partner hardware provider.

The initial launch of the Exaion / Hypernet integration focuses on high performance computing (HPC resources). Galileo, Hypernet Labs’ low-code web application built for users of any skill level, links consumers of HPC supercomputing resources to Exaion cloud in a streamlined way, greatly improving user experience.

Galileo Exaion HPC

Access the Hypernet-Exaion HPC computing station in the Galileo app.

Hypernet Labs CEO Ivan Ravlich explains, “In practice, current cloud solutions are ineffective when it comes to processing mass amounts of specific data, partly because they’re notoriously difficult to use without a computer science degree or formal engineering education. The cloud industry needs to offer more accessible options for researchers and analysts in academia, government, and private industry.” This problem of accessibility is one that Exaion and Hypernet Labs are working to solve.

The first users of Exaion HPC resources on the Galileo platform are projected to be molecular dynamics and molecular docking specialists using software packages designed for this work, such as AmberTools and AutoDock Vina. Researchers in these fields have been using Galileo over the past year, and they now have a broader array of hardware options. Learn more about Galileo for molecular dynamics and docking here.

Exaion was founded in 2020 by Fatih Balyeli, CEO, and Laurent Bernou- Mazars, CTO, as a subsidiary of EDF, one of the largest energy companies in the world. It is specialized in Cloud provision of Blockchain and high-performance computing (HPC and AI) solutions.

The company also seeks to reduce the environmental impact of the digital sector, through its ISO 50001-certified infrastructures and by scheduling periods of activity around the optimization of energy consumption. All of its assets are based in France and benefit from EDF Group’s high level standards and cybersecurity.


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