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Now Available: Algorand Relay Nodes

Run Algorand Relay Nodes with the enhanced user experience of the Galileo web application, thanks to a developer grant from the Algorand Foundation.

One-click deployment of Algorand Relay Nodes to any connected computing resource anywhere
without the need for specialized knowledge or complicated set-up.

  • Non-custodial, user-friendly interface for starting and managing your Relay node

    Learn more in our tutorial.

  • Built-in DDos protection from Cloudflare edge network

    Node sessions are isolated to a single VM for secure access and node control.

  • Fast-start your Relay node from Storj DCS hosted snapshots updated weekly.

    Get fully synced in minutes, not weeks.

  • Develop dApps faster and easier.

    Developer tools and full IDE coupled with your Algorand node. Expose API endpoints to your Galileo-deployed nodes to power your applications.

  • Use your own easy-to-connect hardware or cloud

    Purchase cloud resources in a few quick steps through Galileo’s expanding marketplace of private and public cloud vendors. Learn about setting up your own hardware “landing zone” here.

Algorand Relay Nodes will soon be integrated into the forthcoming Hypernet Protocol
so node hosters can monetize their API access points as a metered service and accept payments


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