Pay for the
Compute you Need

No more, no less.

Galileo’s Hypercredit system allows you to pay for the
resources you need to power your work. You don’t
have to rent an entire machine.

5 Credits


No monthly fees.

Get charged when you need credits,
not when you don’t.


Prepaid automatic refueling options keep you running. Your jobs will never be terminated due to insufficient funds.


Pay as you go. No recurring charges!

Choose the package that meets your needs. Create an account and pay in the Galileo application.

Pricing and Billing FAQ

How many credits should I buy?

Project or mission cost-per-hour, measured in credits, is determined by software and hardware usage, including CPUs, GPUs, and memory. The mission setup process allows you to set these parameters. Given that it may be difficult to estimate job run time in advance, we’ve built in an “autopilot” credit reloading option. Autopilot allows you to purchase more credits automatically (in set increments) if you’re running low. You can thus avoid premature job termination caused by lack of credits.

What’s the benefit of autopilot over one-time purchase?

Avoid job termination due to lack of credits! While the all-in-one mission price (CPUs, GPUs, memory per hour, and in some cases software usage) is visible in advance, it may be difficult to estimate run time. Autopilot removes the guesswork and helps to make sure you’re covered. You will also receive “low credit balance” notifications before a job is terminated, whether or not you purchase an autopilot billing plan. Autopilot provides additional peace of mind and automates the refill process.

When do I need to buy credits?

Once your 10 free trial credits have expired, you will need to buy additional credits in order to run more missions. Galileo will prompt you to do so. You are free to explore the application, browse computing stations and mission types, and set up missions even with a 0 credit balance.

What if I am bringing my own landing zone / station?

Currently, Galileo does not impose a resource charge for running your own Landing Zones on your own computational resources.

There may be charges associated with data transfer to and from the Galileo service as well as charges associated with the chosen Mission Software, but these charges will be made apparent in the user interface at the time that you run your job.

Do I pay for software? How?

Galileo supports some proprietary software or mission types for which you can pay, per time used, directly in the application!

What does the mission price per hour (next to the run button) include?

This is a simple all-in-one price that includes per-hour CPUs, GPUs, memory, and software usage (applicable to certain proprietary mission types).

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