Simple to Use Easy to Integrate

Simple to Use, Easy to Integrate

An open, cross-chain, community governed
standard for identifying people and things
on the blockchain

An open, cross-chain, community governed standard for identifying people and things on the blockchain

Hypernet Protocol

Enabling decentralized high-throughput marketplaces to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology

What We Believe

The global economy will be transformed by blockchain technology

Developers and organizations should not need Web3 experience to integrate Web3 technology into their products

Multichain solutions enable developers and users to benefit from a diverse array of blockchains

Technology Behind the Protocol

Enabling digital identity and asset creation at enterprise scale to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology

Hypernet Profiles
Native end-user identity and discovery through unique and enduring on-chain profiles.
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Digital Identity
Framework for Functional NFT creation built on Non-Fungible Registries with extensible on-chain logic.
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Decentralized governance of parameters, participants, and protocol upgrades via a state-of-the-art DAO based on the OpenZeppelin Governor library.
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Opensource UI component library for quickly building feature-rich dApps on top of the Hypernet Protocol.
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Powered By Hypernet:

for Digital Identity

Hypernet.ID is a frictionless and auditable system for authenticating and identifying customers on-chain
Use your NFT to verify your identity on any registered dApp project. Minutes to create, seconds to use
Hypernet.ID publishes your NFT on the blockchain,it can be utilized directly by the smart contracts of any dApp
Currently in Public Testnet

for Functional NFT Minting and Distribution

Multi-chain Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) solution for enterprise scale Direct Minting
Customizable on-chain logic that is dynamically extensible for NFT minting, sale, and distribution
Custom permissioned registries allow easy verification of NFT authenticity
Currently in Public Testnet

for Computing Services

Galileo shows how crypto payments can coexist with other methods in a traditional payment system
Beyond selecting Hypernet as the payment method, it’s as easy as paying with a credit card
Time on software and hardwares can be purchased with crypto
Currently in Private Testnet

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Status of Mainnet and Token