Onur Kenis

Software Engineer

Onur is a software engineer, full-stack web and mobile app developer who loves to put himself in new challenges. He started his career in a Belgian start-up. He continued with a large Chinese technology company to work on different projects delivered to outland. He developed monitoring web apps from frontend to backend on a large scale using network infrastructure primarily.

Besides hands-on skills, he has been to China to be a certified developer advocate and represented his previous company in Latin American countries such as Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia at workshops, events, and meetings. He even participated in a radio program once in Turkey about Latin America on-site work and its impacts. He has been with Hypernet Labs for almost one year. He describes himself as a dedicated player who contributes to the team in various ways. Onur loves fresh air and being outdoors. In his free time, Onur also tries to produce homemade music.