Galileo for Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Docking

Easy access to powerful computing resources promises to help boost and expand the role of computational methods in pharmaceutical research. Welcome to the potential of accomplishing in days what might have taken weeks.

What problems does Galileo solve?

  • Computing power. Galileo enables potentially infinite scaling.
  • Distractions related to infrastructure. Galileo allows subject matter experts to focus on their work.
  • Tool proliferation. Access your machines, projects, data, results, storage, and version history in the same Galileo interface.
  • Complexity and learning curve. Galileo simplifies cloud deployment and provides an easy onboarding experience for researchers and their collaborators.
  • High Performance Computing access. Modern cloud productivity tools can be combined with state-of-the-art HPC systems in Galileo, which allows them to be used in tandem through a unified dashboard. Learn more about HPC cloud resources accessible in Galileo here.
  • Learn more about Galileo and pharmaceutical research here.